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Thousands evacuate from ‘dangerous’ Sydney floods

Many people had been trapped in their cars trying to cross flood-swept roads or were unable to leave homes surrounded by rising waters

Australia urges Pacific nations to shun China security deals

Western powers have expressed concern over leaked plans to expand China's influence in the South Pacific

Australia orders 200,000 to flee floods moving towards Sydney

Authorities issued severe rain and wind warnings for a 400-kilometer (250-mile) stretch of coast as water levels rose rapidly

‘Fortress Australia’ re-opens to tourists after two-year COVID closure

The country closed its borders to almost everyone except citizens and permanent residents in March 2020

Afghan refugees deserve welcome, Australian and Irish bishops urge governments

Church leaders warn that Afghan refugees are at risk of persecution because they oppose the Taliban or the Taliban opposes their way of life

UN irks Australia by recommending Great Barrier Reef be listed ‘in...

Australia has lobbied to stay off the endangered list as it could lead to the coral reef ecosystem losing its World Heritage Site status

Australian media fined US$840,000 for gag order breach in Cardinal Pell...

The 12 media outlets pleaded guilty in February to breaching the gag order on reporting on the trial and conviction of the cardinal

Australian media say ‘sorry’ for breaching gag order in Cardinal Pell...

A dozen Australian media outlets pled guilty for breaching the gag order in a deal with the state

Australia media to plead guilty to breach of gag order on...

Cardinal George Pell was cleared last year of the sexual abuse charges after spending 13 months in prison

Review shows Australia made huge miscalculation on funds transfers, Vatican says

The joint Vatican-Australian review showed only US$7.35 million transited between 2014 and 2020, a fraction of the US$1.77 billion reported

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