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Rights group hits ASEAN for refusing UN envoy from attending meeting...

The meeting addressed plans to deliver humanitarian aid and administer COVID-19 vaccines to Myanmar

Cambodia’s Hun Sen gives up on Myanmar

Cambodia’s prime minister admitted that Myanmar’s military regime has made no progress in resolving the situation in the country

Legislators across Southeast Asia face increasing threats, reprisals

From one legislator detained in Southeast Asia in 2020, there were 91 in 2021, said APHR in a new report

Southeast Asian summit begins without Myanmar after junta snubbed

Barring Myanmar's junta chief from the ASEAN meeting was "tremendously significant,” said a political analyst

ASEAN in talks to bar Myanmar junta chief from summit; US...

ASEAN members have voiced disappointment over the Myanmar junta's reluctance to abide by a five-point plan reached by the group in April

ASEAN appoints Brunei diplomat as envoy to Myanmar

The envoy has been tasked with ending violence in Myanmar and opening dialogue between the military rulers and their opponents

After months of failed talks, ASEAN under pressure to name Myanmar...

Myanmar has been racked by a deadly crackdown on protests, economic collapse and a refugee exodus since the February coup

Myanmar unity gov’t tells ASEAN no talks until prisoners freed

Advocacy group says more than 3,400 people have been detained for opposing the coup

Southeast Asian nations say consensus reached on ending Myanmar crisis

ASEAN leaders wanted a commitment from Myanmar's military junta chief to restrain his security forces

Duterte not attending ASEAN summit in Jakarta

The Philippines has expressed strong support for the convening of the meeting even without the full attendance of ASEAN leaders

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