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Philippines seeks US help on data recorders for plane crash probe

The United States has committed to help extract information from the flight data and cockpit voice recorders

Philippine Catholic Church leaders condole with families of plane crash victims

The Catholic bishops called on everyone “to continue to be united in solidarity and prayer”

Military bishop offers prayers for plane crash victims in Sulu

Bishop Oscar Florencio asked all military chaplains to offer Masses for the 50 people who died in the crash

Update: Philippine authorities order probe after military plane crash kills 50

Some passengers on the Lockheed C-130 jumped free seconds before the plane crashed and burst into flames

Philippines’ plane crash kills 47, injures 49; probe ordered

The Department of National Defense said three civilians on the ground were also killed, and four civilians were injured

Filipino soldiers temporarily trade guns for ladles, feed homeless

Sightings of military trucks and scores of men in camouflage over the weekend sparked fears among people of the start of a “martial law-like...

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