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Catholic bishops urge Filipinos to monitor oral arguments on anti-terror law

The bishops said it is important for everyone to follow the proceedings in the Supreme Court because the law will have an impact on democracy

Pandemic must not stop concern for social justice — Mindanao bishop

Bishop Raul Dael of Tandag warns of the impact of the country’s new anti-terrorism law, which faces legal challenges before the Supreme Court

ATC Resolution No. 12: one resolution too many, so don’t make...

We have more than enough resolutions to last another bloody year, so don’t make any this New Year.

Bishop warns Philippine High Court vs political influence in review of...

The Catholic Church will not remain “a mere observer but an active witness for the pursuit of truth and justice”

Activists warn against scope of Philippines’ new anti-terrorism law

Activists warned that the vagueness of the definition can qualify a priest who preaches Jesus' teachings as a threat to national security

Rights lawyers warn against provisions of Philippines’ anti-terror law’s implementing rules

The lawyers raised a concern on the IRR's Section 9.1, which permits security forces to arrest suspects without written authorization

Planting evidence: Not your everyday urban gardening

To plant evidence means only one thing: do we even have credible police and military intelligence personnel to begin with?

Faith-based humanitarian groups challenge Philippines’ Anti-Terrorism Law

The petitioners seek the court’s decision on “whether or not the [new law] should be declared null and void" for the vagueness of terms

Philippine Catholic religious superiors file petition against anti-terrorism law

The AMRSP asked the court to declare the new law “unconstitutional” because it “infringes on the free religious expression of the Church”

Philippine youth leaders submit challenge to new anti-terror law

Members of the Sangguinang Kabataan on August 19 called on the Supreme Court to declare the anti-terrorism law “unconstitutional”

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