Hong Kong lawyers alarmed at plans for judges in national security...

‘You can't be slightly independent any more than you can be slightly pregnant,’ Hong Kong Bar Association's chairman says

Taiwan scrambles to ready for influx from Hong Kong protests

Democratic and Chinese-claimed Taiwan has little experience in dealing with refugees and with worries that China could infiltrate spies posing as activists

Hong Kong police arrest 53 during fresh pro-democracy protests

More protests planned for coming days, with pro-democracy supporters fearing proposed national security legislation will dramatically stifle freedoms

Hong Kongers defy rally ban to mark Tiananmen Massacre

Many took to the streets to light candles and stand for a minute's silence, seven Catholic churches also opened their doors

China’s internal security force on frontlines of Hong Kong protests

The paramilitary People's Armed Police presence in Hong Kong is as many as 4,000 personnel

Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai arrested on illegal assembly charges

Lai, a self-made millionaire, has been a major financial patron of Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement

Arrested Hong Kong protesters stuck in limbo as cases grind forward

More than 7,000 protesters have been arrested amid seven months of unrest

Hong Kong protest medic organizer reportedly arrested in China

Similar charges of ‘soliciting prostitutes’ were levied at a Hong Kong employee of the British consulate detained while visiting the mainland last August

Freedom House calls for oversight on China’s efforts to influence media...

Chinese state media have invested heavily overseas, prompting concern that Beijing could remotely curtail criticism and expand its sphere of influence

Hong Kong protesters fete landslide election win for Taiwan’s Tsai

The slogan ‘Today Taiwan, Tomorrow Hong Kong’ has sprung up after the landslide win, to express the hope that Hong Kong too will one day have full democracy

Rights group urges investigation into Hong Kong police

Human Rights Watch pushes for ‘independent, impartial, and effective investigation’ into allegations

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