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Caritas Philippines sets new standard for ‘sustainable and inclusive’ fundraising with innovative approaches

Caritas Philippines has announced plans to introduce a comprehensive mobile application for its ‘Alay Kapwa Expanded Program’ that will enable donors to register, contribute, track their donations, and select specific programs to support. 

This innovative tool is designed to provide a seamless and interactive experience, empowering donors to engage more directly with the initiatives they are passionate about.

This technology is designed not only to enhance the efficiency of fundraising efforts but also to make the process more inclusive by enabling easier access for a broader range of donors.

“Our advanced donor management system is pivotal in making fundraising activities transparent, accessible, and engaging for everyone, regardless of their location or contribution size,” said Fr. Carmelo Caluag, Executive Director of Caritas Philippines, at the recent 41st National Social Action General Assembly in Iloilo City last week.

The priest said this initiative will redefine fundraising within the non-profit sector and establish a new standard for sustainable and inclusive practices.

To further strengthen its fundraising approach, Caritas Philippines has established a finance and investment committee, which includes financial experts from the country’s leading institutions.

This committee is tasked with overseeing the organization’s financial health by identifying and implementing income-generating projects and strategic investments.

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This move not only ensures financial sustainability but also allows the organization to reduce its reliance on traditional fundraising methods.

“Our strategic financial initiatives enable us to maintain and grow our fund reserves, ensuring that we can continue our charitable activities without the constant need for external fundraising,” said Fr. Caluag.

The priest emphasized that the method of self-sustaining fundraising “is crucial for long-term planning and execution of our projects that benefit the poorest of the poor.”

Caritas Philippines also emphasized the importance of regulatory compliance and ethical governance, ensuring that all fundraising activities align with national and international standards.

This commitment to transparency and accountability seeks to build and maintain trust among donors, beneficiaries, and the general public.

Moreover, the organization leverages technology to tailor its fundraising initiatives to meet the diverse needs and preferences of its donor base.

Through targeted campaigns and personalized communication, Caritas Philippines aims to ensure that donors feel connected to the cause they support, fostering a sense of community and shared purpose.

“Even if someone gives a peso, it’s meaningful. It’s not the amount that’s important; the amount is just a means. Our goal is for them to believe in what we are doing to sustain, replicate, and scale up our programs,” said Fr. Caluag.

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