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DFA warns migrant workers to be careful with social media posts

An official of the Department of Foreign Affairs warned Filipino migrant workers, especially in Saudi Arabia, against sharing social media posts that could “ruin the reputation” of their employers.

Sarah Lou Arriola, in charge of migrant workers’ affairs in the department, made the warning following the reported arrest of a Filipino worker in Riyadh.

The worker, along with other Filipinos, alleged that they have not been receiving salary from their company in recent months.

“I’ve been monitoring social media and there’s a lot of debates. I think one of the people who posted the video was already arrested,” said Arriola who initiated an independent investigation into the issue.

She said a video circulating on social media of migrant workers scavenging “was staged.”

“We are not denying that there is a crisis. And there’s really a problem,” she admitted.

“We just want to tell our Filipinos, especially in Saudi Arabia, that please be careful with your social media posts because you cannot ruin the reputation of the corporation you’re working for because they are very strict with cyber libel,” she added.

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There are about a million Filipinos working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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